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Drywall / Sheetrock

Removal, Installation, Tape, Joint Compound and Sanding

A-Plus is a full service company with affordability and quality in mind. We offer many options for drywall / sheetrock. If you are not looking for new sheetrock, we still offer drywall repair. We fill holes, large and small. We can even patch large holes with pieces of sheetrock, taping and compounding. We can install moisture barriers and install sheetrock in the bathrooms and basements where there is always moisture in the air. We can remove your old drywall and install new sheetrock anywhere. We provide everything from picking up the materials to finishing the drywall and even primer and paint as well. We do it all and get it done right the first time to save you money. No matter how small or large the job is, our professionals can get the job done right for you!


Installing sheetrock / drywall is a process like anything else. It takes time and technique to install drywall properly and make the end result look professional. A-Plus takes the time and has the dedication to make sure your job comes out with precision.

The basic steps are as follors:

  • First you need the framing or to remove the old sheetrock. This way you will have a clean and even surface to work with. This makes the installation process much easier.
  • Next, the sheetrock gets installed with screws. This holds the sheetrock in place. You install screws on each stud.
  • After installation comes taping. you apply joint tape to each joint to ensure the boards don't come apart in the future. This also avoids any cracking where the boards meet.
  • The next step is the joing compound, or mudd. This covers the screw holes and all the tape. When applied properly by a professional, this creates smooth transitions from board to board.
  • After compounding comes sanding. This step ensures absolute smoothness. This is the step that makes no transition lines from board to board.
  • Then comes primer to seal and cover. Primer seals the wall which provides a protective coating to avoid moisture from seeping through the wall and into your paint from behind. Priming also hides the compounded spots from the finished paint. If there was no primer applied then the spots that were primered would be visible after painting the wall. This is unsightly and not the proper way.
  • Finally, paint is applied to your new sheetrock. This provides a flawless look and is custom to your life-style.


We provide drywall services for all of your residential needs. Whether it's a single wall or the entire home, we got you covered.




We install sheetrock in all types of commercial property. Whether it's a small store or a large shopping center, we can get the job done for you!




A-Plus can service your industrial needs today. Whether it's a factory with offices or an industrial building, we can remove, install and finish your sheetrock.




Whether you have a single unit in need of repair or an entire complex in need of new sheetrock, A-Plus is the solution for you.




We service all of your needs for your walls. Whether it's a bunch of small nail holes or new drywall, we can get it done.




We can repair or install sheetrock on all your ceilings. Whether its a small spot or the whole house.




We can repair any problem with your drywall. Whether it's small nail holes or a large space. We can get it like new.




We can install your sheetrock. whether its walls or ceilings, we only use quality materials, tools and workmanship. Call us now to schedule your no obligation free consoltation.




We can remove your old sheetrock. Whether your renovating a single room or the whole house, we can get the walls looking great. Give us a call today to schedule your free quote.



Paper and Mesh Tape

We can tape tour new walls with paper tape on all of the joints. This prevents the boards from splitting in the future.



Joint Compound

We can apply joint compound on all of your joints, cracks or holes. This hides any uneven spots.




The final step in drywall is sanding all of the joint compound to make it smooth. This is done throughout the entire process and again at the end.




We can also prime your walls when the sheetrock is finished. This hides all of the compounded spots when painting and seals the walls.




Painting is the ultimate final step. This gives the new drywall a nice finish. You can choose what finish paint you'd like to customize your room to your life-style.



Much More...

There are many things you can do with drywall. Be unique when designing a new construction project. We can repair your cracks, install new sheetrock and finish the wall completely.



**Please ask about our "Competetive Price Guarantee"**

**Our "Competetive Price Guarantee" is if you get a quote from another painting company, I guarantee I can beat that price as long as I see the hand written estimate and the price is reasonable. If there is not a hand written estimate then the "competetive Price Guarantee" doesn't apply. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.**

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"A-Plus was cheap, neat, professional and reliable. They showed up on time, completed the work quickly and the rooms looked great when they were finished. I would definitely recommend this company to all my family, friends and anyone who reads this."


 "We recently had the outside of our home painted by A-Plus Painting and Powerwashing LLC. The results were absolutely astonishing! Frank and his team did an amazing job and paid very close attention to detail. They were very clean, professional, courteous and trust worthy. Frank went the extra mile to make sure we were happy and completely satisfied with the results. He also kept us informed throughout the entire proc... view moreess. A-Plus had a great work ethic and even worked very late to complete the house. They wanted the job to be absolutely perfect. The prices were also very reasonable as well. We would definitely use A-Plus Painting and Powerwashing LLC again and would strongly recommend them to everyone. "
 Joan R. Torrington, CT


 "Very good workmanship. Very fast. Very clean----they cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day on the job. Did an absolutely beautiful job. Paid attention to every detail. I felt very comfortable with them in my house, too. Very trustworthy. I'd recommend them to friends and family and everyone and already have!"
Fred M. Fairfield, CT

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**Please ask about our "Competetive Price Guarantee"**

**Our "Competetive Price Guarantee" is if you get a quote from another painting company, I guarantee I can beat that price as long as I see the hand written estimate and the price is reasonable. If there is not a hand written estimate then the "competetive Price Guarantee" doesn't apply. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.**

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